“Travis’s inspiration was a great match for our organization.
His wit and natural charisma kept everyone engaged, and his experience added credibility
to his presentation. The feedback we received about the results from Travis
being here is extremely exciting, so we’ve already asked him to come back!”

—Tiffany Brown, HR Training and Development Specialist, The Salvation Army

Training Sessions

Travis’s training sessions are fun and exciting learning experiences that will equip individuals and teams with the mindset and tools they need to be their best. With workplace stress at an all-time high, these skills are essential for surviving the office and leading people through change. Training sessions are best for small groups of 25-100. These sessions can range from 30 minutes – to full day sections.


  • Becoming a Successful Leader in Today’s Culture
  • Team Building: Leading Teams Through Tough Change
  • Handling the Generational Collide
  • Creating the Next Generation of Leaders

 Communication Skills

  • Sales Strategies
  • Powerful Presentation Skills for Professionals
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Excelling with Customer Service
  • Conflict Management Skills

Industries Served

  • Government Agencies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Boating
  • Food Service
  • Non-Profit
  • Medical Field
  • Finance Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics

  • Transportation
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Management Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Legal Professions
  • Law Firms
  • Department of Defense
  • Auto Manufacturing
  • Hospitals  

Training Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Learn how to build a daily commitment to fuel your positive attitude and positive energy that will supercharge each day and maximize your potential for creating an extraordinary life.
  • Master your ability to handle negative people, team failures, and impossible situations with your new Mojo Mindset and even learn how to enjoy the process.
  • Use our time-tested strategies to create authentic relationships that increase commitment, buy-in, and off-the-charts results.
  • Quickly build your daily life with a magnetic attitude and energy that creates instant trust with clients and staff for increased productivity.
  • Receive the most powerful personal tool that allows you to overcome self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and past failures and replace them with a positive outlook and daily victories.
  • Control the way you think and act to increase your performance and give you control of your success.


“Travis provided excellent, true-to-life examples that I could begin to implement as a new manager, immediately. Travis was fantastic and extremely motivational. I leave here today truly inspired and excited to instill my newly learned skills with my team!”

Angelina JamesOperations Manager

“Travis really made the material make sense. He related it to our office environment and showed me how I will be able to implement these skills at work. Many of the techniques learned here today can be used at home as well. I realized today that I cannot change anyone but myself, so that is where I need to begin.”

John WilliamsProsecuting Attorney

“Today was extremely helpful for both work and life! I learned so many powerful things that I can use to make a impact on my team.”

Donna BanesHR Director

“Today was an empowering conference! I have learned many tools I can apply at work and home. I realize now I can change how I react to certain situations and become a model of positive behavior. Thanks, Travis!”

Sean CrumOperations Manager